Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Quip – Christmas Quilts – Sale and Discount


We’re back. And this time before I continue about our new Christmas quilt, we are offering a special pre- and through the Holidays sale reduction on all our Christmas Quilts. This sale will begin on November 1st and run through December 31st, 2010. We would like to offer you a small Holiday gift on all our Christmas Quilts.

It is now time to think of your Holiday giving and your Holiday decorations. Avoid the upcoming mail and delivery crunch. All available Christmas Quilts can be seen in our Grid at the bottom of the page.

All Christmas Quilts and their associated prices are listed at our Quilts SB Etsy site. We’re offering a 10% discount off the listed pricing for any Christmas Quilt priced up to $300.00. We’re increasing the discount to 15% of the listed pricing for any Christmas Quilt priced $301.00 and more. This discount is good until December 31st, 2010 and is good on any of our Christmas Quilts.

This offer is good on the currently listed Christmas Quilt pricings at Quilts SB Etsy. The discounts do not include shipping and handling.

  • Discount – 10% OffAll available Christmas Quilts listed up to $300.00
  • Discount – 15% OffAll available Christmas Quilts listed from $301.00 and up.

A few of our Christmas Quilts: OP Angel; Noël Diptych; Christmas Cosine; and Moon Racer are all being shown at the As Your Garden Grows on Saturday, November 6th at the University of South Florida Botanical Gardens. These four Christmas Quilts will not be available for delivery until after November 7th.

If you have any question please feel free to contact me.

Stay tuned for our presentation of our new Christmas quilt, Not Til D25, in my next Posting.



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