Friday, October 15, 2010

My Quip – Quilts In Progress – Not Til D25 – Was She A Chain-Smoker?


The weather here in Tampa is beautiful. The house is open and there ain’t no humidity. Exercise, albeit roller-blading, is complete. This week I managed 51 miles, converted for ya’ll that live way up north… that’s 82.08 kilometers on cross-country skiis.

Question: Does anyone have a dog who constantly barks herself hoarse? We do, and she’s constantly yapping at anything that moves, all 10 pounds of her, and then she hacks. I wonder if she was a chain-smoker in a past life?

Due to the absence of my desktop for a couple of days last week, the next two designs in our OP Noël Series; OP Ornament and OP Noël have been postponed a bit. Now that the motherboard has been replaced, I will be scanning in the fabrics for the two new designs.

In the meantime we decided to look at our Christmas fabric stash, mainly from cuttings of our quilts: Christmas Harlequin (Q9); Christmas Harlequin Plus (Q15); and Christmas Harlequin Classic (Q16), and design another abstract, sort-of, new one.

I borrowed the block pattern Indy 500 from Kumiko Sudo’s book “East Quilts West” and the cutting of fabric began. Andy created 160 rectangles, each with five fabrics. Eight rectangles, which will be sewn together, will create a 16-inch, (40.64-centimeter), square. The new quilt should be, when finished, 64 inches, (162.6 cms), wide and 80 inches, (203.2 cms), in length.

The new quilt will be called Not Til D25. That explanation will come later. Here are a few images of Not Til D25 under construction. Sudo's Indy 500 block pattern and fabric is organized, our's is not.

Enjoy your weekend.


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