Friday, November 26, 2010

My Quip - Thanksgiving Aftermath - Our First Quilts: Images Found


I actually was good on Thanksgiving, and did not gorge myself into gastronomic oblivion. And thanks to B&J for the great family get-together.

I mentioned some time ago that I had been searching my files in my multiple folders, and recovered drives, looking for wayward images and files after the number of crashes I’ve had since 1998. And lo and behold, in the recesses of a folder within a folder within a folder within a recovered data file I discovered some images of the first quilts that we ever attempted and created. It certainly proves the adage that one does get better with time.

The images aren’t that great and I cannot remember the dimensions of each quilt, but here goes.

Our first quilt has the file name of Ugly 1, and I can honestly say, it is UGGGGGlyyyyy! This quilt was our endeavor at the point we decided to venture into the world of fabric art… and that was in 1995. It was constructed on a Singer Sewing Machine.

I know where this one ended up. It is now under my butt, on my chair at my PC, and it has been patched many a time. And it is ugly.

Our next attempts were the results of the first class we ever took in the making of quilts. The class was taken when we decided that we had better learn how to make quilts.

The one the left is Andy’s first and my first is on the right. These two were sewn on our Singer and our new Husqvarna machines. Both of these two quilts were given as gifts. As you can see these were very simple quilts that gave us the first lesson in piecing, sashing, and borders.

The next quilt was our first challenge, and we wanted to create a quilt with the elements of a modern day Amish quilt. We donated this quilt and it was auctioned-off at the annual supper celebration of the Hillsborough County Center of Excellence.

Our next creation is a quilt we created in memory of the accidental passing of a friend’s brother.

We have since gone through a number of other sewing and quilting machines. Are current machines include those of Baby Lock, Husqvarna, and Viking... and there is fabric in just about all rooms in our house.

I will be adding all of these, our first quilts, to the Grid shortly...



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