Monday, November 22, 2010

Q68 – Quilts – Starry Nights


It has been at least 10 days since I lasted posted to my Blog, and I’ve received a number of emails asking if we had quit quilting? The answer is very simple. Nope! And that’s with a capital “Nope”!

We’ve been working on a number of new quilts and today, in the glorious Tampa sunshine, I took pictures of our new quilt, Starry Nights. This, our new quilt is a very simple one and we think it is one of the best quilts we’ve made to date.

As you can see from the images, taken on the patio by the pool, and in the sun, and in my bare-feet, the top of Starry Nights is composed of two fabrics. The two fabrics are Rustic Christmas Twinkle in a deep royal blue with gold stars and China Blue Ditzy Dot copyright to Makeover UK. The backing is Tone on Tone Grey fabric blend.

The dimensions of Starry Nights are: Width – 57” (144.8 cms) and Length – 70 ½” (179.1 cms). The quilting is a series of parallel lines three-quarters of an inch apart, comprised of 53,400 stitches. The binding is Rustic Christmas Twinkle and is hand-stitched the complete distance of the border.

Here are some images of close ups and the backing. I do like the way the Tone on Tone Grey backing blends in the sunshine and from the reflection of the sunlight from the pool waters.

Please remember that the actual shades and tones of the colors may or may not appear as clear and crisp in the images. They are bloody close, this time.

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Stay tuned for our new quilts – OP Noël I and OP Ornament. Check out our recently announced Christmas Quilt sale and discounts.


Jim and Andy

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