Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Quip – Only 349 Days To Christmas – NC Blue Bargello Progress


Just think, all the new toys, gifts, decorations put away, and the tree is taken down… and now you have just 348 more days think about Christmas 2011. Damn, this one will be a big one for me!

And we’ve been busy with our makings of new quilts.

NC Blue Bargello (NCBB) is progressing nicely. As I mentioned the top of NCBB, excluding the borders will be made up of about 6,200 rectangles. Once they are all sewn together in strips, there should be 97 single strips. The top - 16 fabrics, 6,200 rectangles, and 97 strips. And here’s a puzzler - Will the center strip be a peak or a valley in the wave design? Ya gotta stay tuned.

And to those of you who have asked, I used Excel software to design the basic parameters of the design and pattern of NCBB. The Bargello in this case is a matrix of many, many rectangular pieces gridded together to form the top.

The inserted images are some of the pieced fabric strips that will make up NCBB. Please remember that there may be some color difference due to lighting, software, and browser capabilities.

Andy took another class this past weekend in Land O’Lakes, Florida. It was a Mystery Jelly quilt class given by Kimberly Einmo using the fabrics of a Jelly Roll plus. Our design, which will be revealed at a later date will be based on fabrics of the series designed by French General for Moda Fabrics, Maison de Garance. The fabric, at this time is prevalent and we were able to get our supply through Kimberly’s best-selling 2010 book is Jelly Roll, Quilts & More. It is available through American Quilter’s Society, AQS Publishing.

And we have received another commission to work a quilt in the color Turquoise. I’ve got this one in the drafting stages, and the design and complementary colors are in process.

Stay-tuned to the progressions of NCBB, Mystery Jelly, and Turquoise… Check out our current available quilts at Quilts SB Etsy. Also scroll down any page in our Quilts SB Blog to our Grid. You will see a portfolio of all our finished quilts and wall hangings. If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to get in touch with me via email.


Jim and Andy

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