Monday, February 14, 2011

My Quip – Mystery Jelly Update – Two New Quilt Designs


Okay, okay… Just wondering why I the first conscious thought that came into my head when I awoke this morning was Peter, Paul, and Mary… Or could it have been St. Peter, St. Paul, and St. Mary. Obviously I’m not religious, but I couldn’t think of anything else but sending up some prayers to some listening Saints this morning when I went outside to walk the Pack. There is frost on the roofs and the ground.

Peter, Paul, and Mary… This is Tampa, Florida! Please send some sun. Please. Or at least some sort of hammer so I can chisel the white stuff off the windows of the car. And can you Saints, collectively weave me the sunshine so that we can get on with the true Florida warmth?

All the same this is My Quip, (QUilt In Progress), about Mystery Jelly. The top for this new quilt has been finished.

Mystery Jelly (MJ) is an adaptation of a Kimberly Einmo design. The beginnings of MJ is a nine-block square. We’ve increased it to 20 blocks and included sashing as a border around and between each block. Also a double border has been added around the perimeter. The top is now 64” (163 cms) wide and 77” (196 cms) in length. It appears that it will be about the size of a lap or twin-size quilt. See the earlier My Quip for the MJ announcement.

And here’s a flash – Two new designs of our Rainbow Series are on the drawing board: Born This Way and Colored Windows. Stay-tuned for updates.

Oh, and just a note about the frozen palm in front of our house. It is a real picture that I did take a while ago when I forgot to turn off the water sprinkler system. Sorry to say the palm didn't survive. This morning's frost has changed the color of all the roofs in the neighborhood.

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Jim and Andy

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