Saturday, April 9, 2011

Q83 – Mystery Jelly Plus - Quilt

Good Early Morning,

Our next and most recently completed quilts – Mystery Jelly Plus, (MJ+). MJ+ is now on its way to its new home in North Carolina.

Our thanks to Kimberly Einmo, for the impetus of our adaptation of her original design.

The beginnings of MJ+ is a nine-block square. We increased it to 20 blocks and included sashing as a border around and between each block. Also a double border has been added around the perimeter. The dimensions of MJ+: Width - 64 ½” (164 cms); Length – 77 ½” (197 cms).

The fabrics are from Moda’s fabric line Maison de Garance designed by French General. The base colors are red and chocolate and variations thereof. This very popular Moda line can be seen at their Moda website as well as is available through many distributors and fabric shops, including and Hancock’s of Paducah.

Here are a number of images of MJ+; front, close-ups, and back. Please note that the colors of this quilt may be affected somewhat by the outdoor lighting and the quality of my picture taking.

This is the same quilt that had the preliminary name of Mystery Jelly.

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We are currently working on and designing 9 more new quilts. Stay tuned for updates.


Jim and Andy

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