Friday, May 13, 2011

My Quip - Andy Continues To Heal - Colored Windows Nears Completion

Good Afternoon,

I am just amazed at the healing that the machine, we call our body, at times can process.

It has been three weeks since Andy had his quadruple/triple bypass surgery. Four 95% plus or minus blockages across three major arteries and an arterial branch. Three bypass detours created from a vein harvested from his leg.

He's up and about, slowly, and he ain't driving his car nor our long-arm quilting machine. But he is washing dishes again! He doesn't want to dislodge the six twist-ties holding his sternum together. (Suggestion - Save those bread-bag twist ties for a greater purpose... than the kitchen junk drawer.)

Andy would definitely like to thank all of you for the get-well cards, emails, and messages. Thanks for including him in your thoughts and even, your prayers.

And believe it or not he is back to finishing, quilting, and binding our latest Quilt - Colored Windows. (See My Quip - Colored Windows Quilt Progress.) This will be one Fantastic Quilt...

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Jim and Andy

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