Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Q86 - MMW - Quilt

Early Morning,

And again… Our next and 86th Quilt – MMW. And no, it is not a four-wheel drive.

This new quilt is the announcement of a little girl. MMW is a picture frame quilt of our own and original design.

The dimensions of MMW are: Width – 44” (111.8 cms) and Length – 35” (88.9 cms). There are only two fabrics used in the construction. The green polka dotted fabric, A Bit of Whimsy Dots Green, is used as the background and backing of the quilt. It complements the printed fabric, A Bit of Whimsy Border Stipe Pink which we cut to create the strips and borders of the consecutive frames. In the center of MMW the name and date of birth are embroidered to celebrate and declare the event. The quilting is done is a diamond gridded pattern and the thread is a variegated pink.

Here are images, including close-ups and the backing of MMW.

For the purposes of consideration and caution, on these images, the embroidered names and date have been blurred out. The embroidery is complemented in a blue thread.

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Jim and Andy

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