Sunday, July 24, 2011

Q88 – Colored Windows II - Quilt


What is 498882? This is not a code. It is not a location anywhere in this world. There are 498882 stitches in the quilting of our new quilt, Colored Windows II. This is our 88th Quilt. Colored Windows II, aka Coloured Windows II north of the border, is our newest addition to our Rainbow Glass Series.


The 498882 count does not include the stitching of the fabric pieces or the hand-binding of the border. 498882 stitches equal to over 6,000 yards of thread. That’s just about 3.41 miles; or 5.49 kilometers of thread. And the color is Butter Rum.

Colored Windows II is our adaptation of Amy Walsh's pattern, Rear Window, inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s movie. We have used three primary- and three secondary-colored batik fabrics, as well as a black one to create the shades of all the windows. Four beige-to-brown fabrics were incorporated to generate the window frames, the brick wall, the backing, and the binding. The quilting incorporates both free-motion stippling and cobble stone, and linear techniques.

Colored Windows II is 60% plus larger than our first Colored Windows. The dimensions of Colored Windows II are: Length – 109 inches; 277 centimeters, and Width – 75 inches; 191 centimeters. This is just somewhat larger than a standard Queen-size quilt.

Here are some images of close-ups and the backing of Colored Windows II.

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Jim and Andy

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