Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Quip - Cathedral Windows Design - Tetrishead


Well I’m working on the new design and specifications of our first Cathedral Window quilt/wall hanging – Tetrishead.

At times music inspires me to create in fabric that which I would like to convey. I have always been particular to the sounds and ambiences of the Cello. I stumbled upon Zoë Keating, originally from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and her composition, Tetrishead. Her music is as stated at Stuck Between Stationsworks well in the foreground as it does in the background…

From my inspired graphic design, I know that I will have 24 rows of fabrics. I envision for Tetrishead an interplay of shades of black, grey, and white that will give this avant garde piece some semblance of movement. Thirteen fabrics have been chosen, and now to create the juxtaposition. Should also prove interesting calculating the exact measurement for each piece set of fabric. I am being hinted that, “We do not use the metric system of measurement.”

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Jim and Andy

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