Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Q91 – NC the coast - Quilt

Good Day,

And our newly completed quilt, NC the coast is now bound for its new home, North Carolina. This blue Bargello quilt is a work of art. We are so pleased how this has turned out. It should please its new owner who asked us to present a work that would capture for them, their love of the North Carolina sea coast.

Presented with three elements: the NC coast; the waves; and the color, blue jewel, our composition does present the foundations in their quilt, NC the coast. And NC the coast is topped off with their signature, the blue embroidered hearts.

NC the coast is a constructed four-by-four grid of Bargello waves. The waves, their foam peaks, and the watery depths are composed of 16 fabrics in a progression of varying shades to provide that inevitable movement of the sea. The backing fabric is a beige light sand hue highlighted with swirls of corresponding colors and shades that offset the waves lapping on the shore.

The dimensions of NC the coast are: Width – 92.5” (235 cms); Length – 103.5 “ (263 cms). All fabrics and batting are 100% cotton.

And here are more images of NC the coast.

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Jim and Andy


M. A. Farrell said...

This is a beautiful quilt, Jim. The first of yours I've see that is wide enough in my opinion - would cover the top and and have about a 15" 'over-hang on each side of a queen bed. Is this the first you have made that covers more than the top of the mattress? I always wondered why they were so narrow (just not used to see quilts made as narrow as the mattress). A true work of art!Mary Alice

Jim Smith said...

Mary Alice, Thank you for your note. From your comment it would appear that you do not like lap or miniature quilts. Jim

Anonymous said...

We are the proud, new owners of NC The Coast. I returned from the post office with my Christmas in September box and was enveloped by the most beautiful quilt ever. The workmanship is wonderful. The design is perfect. The colors are glorious. A few of my ideas combined with your artistry produced nothing less than AWESOMENESS. Thank you!

Jim Smith said...

Thank you G. We both know that you will enjoy your new quilt for many years to come. Jim