Friday, March 9, 2012

My Quip – Guess What Just Came In The Mail? – Quilters Newsletter

Good Day,

We’re both grinning from ear-to-ear. You cannot imagine our delight!

Delivered, today, at our front door was a copy of the April/May 2012/No.427 issue of Quilter’s Newsletter. This national magazine, published today in Colorado, has been gracing magazine racks since 1969.

When we opened and turned the cover and flipped over a couple of pages into the magazine, guess what?

Guess what?

On Page 10 – eYeQ News, Neighbors, Notions and What’s New by Bill Gardner at the left-bottom corner is a picture of our Colored Windows, aka Colored Windows II. Check it out…

We’re ecstatic… It’s Chinese Take-out for supper!

Thank you Janet-Lee Santeusanio, and thank you Scott Murkin. Check out our Quilts SB Posting for the details of Colored Windows II.

We’re currently working on our Evolution Exhibit for MQX East and West 2012. Colored Windows II will be included in the show.


Andy and Jim


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. Shows a tremendous talent.

Jim Smith said...

Thank you, Anonymous.