Monday, April 23, 2012

My Quip – Who’d A Thought – 1940 US Census West Milwaukee

Good Day,

Minding my own business, taking a break from quilting, and doing my own research of the Rogers Family, I am amazed at what I just stumbled upon. I am searching, page by page, the 1940 United Census in West Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Rogers.

After about 100 pages and scrolling through surnames I opened up the next set of pages for the Enumeration District of West Milwaukee No. 40-113 and on Sheet No. 5B, I’m attracted to the surname of a family at 4905 West National Avenue… Liberace. I wonder???

The family is Salvatore and Francis and their two sons Walter and Rudolph, 20 and 9 years of age, respectively. And did I think I had found Mister Showmanship? Damn right!!!

And the above inserted You-Tube video is of Walter (aka Wladziu Valentino) Liberace performing in the 1940s.



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Anonymous said...


I own the house on 4905 w. National ave. Liberace's house indeed. Still have some old items in the basement that must have belonged to his family.
Shawn U.