Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Quip – Blue Memories In Progress – The Quilt Top is Done

Good Day and Happy Mother’s Day,

Thought you might like a gander at the completed top of our latest quilt, Blue Memories.

It is one large king-size quilt, and all-things-being-equal it may be used, when completed, as a king-sized bedspread.

We are very pleased how the arbitrariness of the placing of the squares of the 46 fabric fit and present a very nice composed and comforting feature. The sewn 6”and 2” squares are set to our original design.

The quilting of the top, batting, and backing fabric continues, and we are excited that this will be, albeit a huge one, a well-treasured quilt.

Here are some more images of different angles, that I took on a King size bed. Check out the overhanging sides…

Keep tuned to Quilts SB to follow our progress of Blue Memories.

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Jim and Andy

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