Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Quip- Quilts SB QR Code

Good Day,

Quilts SB now has a QR Code, aka a Quick Response Code.


Smartphones "have put a barcode reader in everyone's pocket". Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application can scan the image of the QR Code to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the telephone's browser. (From Wikipedia.)

In other words, Quilts SB's URL address is embedded in the above QR Code. With a Smartphone and a QR Reader App, all one has to do is point at the QR Code and click/snap and electronically you're transported to Quilts SB site. And now you do not have to remember the actual URL address.

There are at least 260 iPhone Apps 260, at the iPhone/iPad store that one can load on her or his Smartphone.

And here is the QR Code for our Quilts SB Etsy Site.


And for our Quilts SB Facebook Page. You will have to log into your Facebook account.


Try each out and enjoy,


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