Monday, June 25, 2012

Q102 – Flying Monkeys II – Quilt

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Well I thought I would want lake front property, but it certainly doesn’t go well unless one has a couple of canoes to get around. Our house is completely surrounded and NOAA is forecasting another 90% chance of rain today. Oh well, I have always had a penchant for fresh fish. We definitely are still quilting…

Flying Monkeys II has been completed.

Flying Monkeys II is almost a mirror image to Flying Monkeys.

The dimensions of Flying Monkeys II are: Length – 50” (127 cms) and Width – 36” (91 cms). The quilting, 61,000 stitches, is horizontal and vertical parallel lines to create a grid pattern. The parallel quilting is ½ ” (1.27 cms) apart.

The three fabrics are of Moda’s Funky Monkey collection designed by Erin Michael. My inspiration was the Half Rectangle Triangle Tutorial found at The Modern Quilt Guild site. Well, monkeys and half rectangle triangles together equal kites, or what appear to be kites, and therefore Flying Monkeys II.

Here are some more images, close-ups and the back of Flying Monkeys.

The main differences between Flying Monkeys and Flying Monkeys II are the quilting grid, the borders, the mirrored pattern, and the borders.

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