Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Quip – Happy Canada Day – I Really Love Lucy – Our New Quilt Project and Original Design

Good Day,

Happy Canada Day...

And of course we have begun a new quilt – I Really Love Lucy. This original design is sort of a companion quilt - piece to our wall hanging, Did Desi Love Lucy?

All the fabric has arrived, David Kaufman’s Kona line of solid colors. All our choices of fabric in Did Desi Love Lucy? will be a part of the construction of I Really Love Lucy. At last count there are 20 fabric colors and shades.

Whereas Did Desi Love Lucy? is an abstract mosaic wall hanging, I Really Love Lucy is a fractured geometric designed quilt. Our creation is a segmented paper pieced construction. It will be composed of 96 8” (20.32 cms) squares, and each square will be constructed with at least 17 fabric pieces. At this stage of the design that is approximately 1,632 pieces of fabric.

We have been working on and drawing the patterns for each individual block. And just to keep you in the dark a wee bit longer the above image is a configuration of eight individual block patterns superimposed on top of each other.

As with a good portion of our quilt creations, the final I Really Love Lucy quilt can be used as a wall hanging, a throw on a bed, or an accent piece in a home.

You will have to check Quilts SB for updates.


Andy and Jim

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