Friday, September 14, 2012

My Quip – And Sometimes You Never Know – McCall's America Quilts Together

Good Day,

Sometime in January McCall's Quilting invited quilters, throughout the United States, who quilted together in partnership or groups to submit a story of their partnership. McCall's was planning a special issue for 2012 with a quilting together theme.

Andy and I answered the call. I asked my brother, Ray to take a photograph of us. I wrote up a quick synopsis, submitted the information, and then filed it away in the constant growing stash of folders on my hard drive.

Earlier this week Andy received a message from a friend, Judy in Delaware. She had just opened her copy of McCall's Quilting magazine, the Autumn 2012 edition, and lo and behold, on page 23 there was Ray's picture of Andy and me, titled Quilts SB – Tampa, FL. Needless to say we were all pleasantly surprised.

In the photograph we are at one of our domestic sewing machines, Janome 6300. Included are two of our works in progress, since completed, our Tampa Lightning and Mondrian I. Both Tampa Lightning and Mondrian I will be on display, this October 5 and 6, at the A Splash of Color Quilt Show sponsored by the Cabarrus Quilters Guild, in Concorde, North Carolina.

Other of our works soon to be on display are our special exhibit Evolution and two new quilts, Who Did Desi Adore? And I Really Love Lucy. Our 28 quilts and wall hangings will be presented at the Machine Quilters Exhibition – MQX West 2012, October 16 through 20 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

Two of our quilts, Blue Chambray and AKA Kumquat's Lorax will be on display at the University of South Florida Botanical Gardens as presented by the Cypress Creek Quilters Guild, November 10 Show, A Garden of Quilting Delights, in Tampa, Florida.

Stay tuned to our progress and updates.


Andy and Jim.


Anonymous said...

hi! i just looked you both up, after seeing you in the " america quilts together" magazine. My group " ladies of the evening" are in there too. Great Article about you , and great magazine! Barb Jansen

Jim Smith said...

Barb. Thanks for the nice comment. It is a shame of the distance between Massachusetts and Florida. Andy and I could obviously learn a lot from the experience and expertise in your "Ladies of the Evening" quilting group. Jim...