Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Quip – A New Project – Old into New – Quilt into Wall Hanging – Grandma Remembers

Good Day,

And immediately out of our mouths… “We do NOT repair or refurbish old, old, old quilts!” “No, no, no, no…”

“Can you make something new out of this? I would like to give a new creation, using the old as a gift. I would like you to create a remembrance of his Grandmother.”

How does one say no?

Andy and I are tackling another new project, Grandma Remembers. And this is what we received…

We have been asked to use this old quilt. It was a tied quilt. The fabric squares in the top were falling apart. The batting was beyond the stage of deterioration. We could cut it up, if necessary. “Could we make something new?”

My first thoughts was a lap quilt; maybe a wall hanging. Both ideas were accepted, and both were liked. We have settled on a wall hanging, one that would incorporate the fabric from the top that we could rescue.

Once the fabric pieces were chosen, we cut the 3” sewn squares down to 2 ½”. Each 2 ½” square was attached to fusible interfacing to give the old fabric some structure and lasting substance. The design of the wall hanging has been completed in keeping with the elements and construction of the old quilt. I have given the design a wee bit of a twist… and that is all I am going to reveal right now.

Check back to Quilts SB for our progress on Grandma Remembers.


Jim and Andy

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