Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Quip – Astro-Physics Update – Nine More Planets and Stars Completed

Good Day,

And happy May Ray Day. We have now completed 9 more planets and stars for our Astro-Physics quilt wall-hanging project. All the component parts are now completed and now 15 planets and stars are pieced together.

Including the above, here are the addition nine planets and stars. And yes there is one that is duplicated in fabric and color.

I made an error in my previous posting and named Jacqueline de Jonge’s quilt Be Colorful. Its actual title is Fly Away. Her company located in The Netherlands is Be Colorful.

Seven of the planets and stars will be clustered, sewn, and pieced together. Our Astro-Physics cluster will be the mirror image of Jacqueline’s Fly Away. And so Andy is “clustering” backwards. The combination of both Sharon Schamber’s and Jacqueline de Jonge’s, coupled with Andy’s techniques is proving an exciting construction. The remaining eight planets and stars will be incorporated into the overall design of the quilt wall-hanging.

The work continues, and thanks for the positive feedback. If you have any questions, comments, and ideas, please feel to contact us.


Jim and Andy

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