Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Quip – Progress – Tampa Kaleidoscope – And The Thought of Two New Quilts

Good Day,

All 1,368 equilateral triangles for Tampa Kaleidoscope have been cut and all 456 half-hexagons have been completed. Now, and I sound a wee bit like Professor McGonigle, the sorting begins.

The component parts of our Tampa Kaleidoscope are three colorways of the KMIS Tampa fabric: light, medium, and dark. The first stage of the sorting process is now to separate the possible hexagons into varying degrees of shades. It is delightful and extremely interesting how the hexagons, even though they each have the element of the Tampa fabric, through deconstruction, are transformed into something completely different.

Even the afternoon sunlight streaming through the blinds create designs on our Tampa Kaleidoscope.

Bruce Seeds is definitely correct when he states “the quilts are the result of a process, not a pattern… And each step builds on the previous one. It’s only when I get to the very end that I can see each quilt for what it wanted to be.” And Maxine Rosenthal writes, “This is a serendipitous and adventurous approach to design. One piece of fabric does all the work, because the fabric contains all the colors and all the design elements.

Andy and I cannot wait to see what our final creation and design of our Tampa Kaleidoscope will turn out. This is definitely another step in our education and learning of the world of quilting.

We have also now acquired some new fabric to attempt two more new Kaleidoscope quilts. Stay tuned to our work and progress. Make sure you follow our Quilts SB: Site; Google+ Page; or Facebook Page.


Jim and Andy


Deano said...

You guys are definitely on to something and it's good. Keep going!

Kimberly said...

I remember this fabric well. But after seeing what you guys have done with it.....WOW!!! I love your idea and how you are sorting through them all. It is fabulous -- but that's certainly no surprise coming from the two of you!