Monday, December 2, 2013

Q114 – K&J 2013 – A New Quilt

Good Day,

Our newest quilt K&J 2013 has been completed and is already on its way to its new home in Tampa.

K&J 2013 is a special quilt and the celebration of a wedding and marriage that occurred in Grand Cayman. This quilt, K&J 2013 is a gift and was commissioned by a loved one who wanted to make sure that the exact feelings were conveyed by the design, style and color of fabric.

K&J 2013 quilt is a combination of traditional, contemporary, and modern designs. Images were taken and presented of the color schemes and home decor. The idea was to capture the essence of the married couple and celebrate their styles.

The new quilt is a square construction 64” by 64”; 162.6 cms by 162.6 cms. Four complimenting fabrics were chosen for the top and the back. The images, taken under different lighting show the melding and corresponding grouping of the design. The quilting accents the symbolism of the design.

And some additional images -

Congratulations K&J.


Jim and Andy

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