Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Quip – Warhol’s Itch – Some New and Quick Pleats - Update

Good Day,

Andy and I thought that you may like a quick peek at the progress we have been making on our new Warhol’s Itch.

This one is certainly something different. The design and the layout of the fabric is looking more and more like our original intention and draft.


Follow the progress and our previous posts.

My Quip – Warhol’s Itch – The Progress Continues

My Quip – Warhol’s Itch – A New Wall Hanging

My Quip - Marilyn’s First Draft – The Reconstruction Underway

Quilt – Warhol’s Marilyn

That's all we're going to reveal right now.  If you have any thoughts, questions, comments, ideas please feel free to contact us at Quilts SB.


Jim and Andy

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