Saturday, April 5, 2014

Q117 – Warhol’s Itch – Quilt and Wall Hanging

Good Day,

And now for something completely different. Our Warhol’s Itch quilt and wall hanging has been completed.

Yes Andy and I have finished what we think is a unique type of a quilt and wall hanging. We are amazed at we have accomplished and how this new quilt has come about. Our original Warhol’s Marilyn is now our Warhol’s Itch.

Obviously we were inspired, thank you Norma Jean, Andy Warhol, Billy Wilder, Julie Styne, and Leo Robins. by a number of ideas and available techniques and technology.  Andy and I have come up with something that we hope, apart from being different, is something that is distinctive, and a part of our quilting learning experience. The story of our Warhol’s Itch is a continuation of our current journey into the world of quilting and fabric art.

The dimensions of our Warhol’s Itch are: Wide – 42” (107 cms) and Length (at the lowest point) – 40” (102 cms). Warhol’s Itch will have a hanging sleeve and our personalized label added shortly.

Here are some additional images, front, close-up, and back.

Check out our work progress and previous posts on Quilts SB.

My Quip – Warhol’s Itch – Some New and Quick Pleats – Update

My Quip – Warhol’s Itch – The Progress Continues

My Quip – Warhol’s Itch – A New Wall Hanging

My Quip - Marilyn’s First Draft – The Reconstruction Underway

Quilt – Warhol’s Marilyn

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, and ideas please contact us at Quilts SB.


Jim and Andy

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