Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Q133 – Son Shine – Quilt Wall Hanging

Good Day,

Andy and I have completed our 133rd quilt and wall hanging – Son Shine.

Son Shine - AB JS - 2015

Son Shine is a wall hanging with the dimensions: Width – 20” and Length 28 ¾”.

We were requested and invited by Jaimee Ponce, a professional photographer, to create a pair of quilt hangings that represented the memories of her son and daughter from the clothes of days gone by. The two quilts are Son Shine (Q133) and Daughter Light (Q134).

Jaimee presented us with a sample quilt piece that she had found and asked us to use it as our inspiration for Son Shine.  (If anyone is familiar with the fabric artist please let either Andy or I know so that we may be able to provide credit for our inspiration.)

The clothes lines include shirts, pants and pairs of socks that were cut from her son's original baby clothes. All the clothes were fused and stitched with clear thread to the background. The clothes lines were tripled stitched to give a similar effect of cord stitching.

The sun and the landscape were horizontally pieced on strips, a technique that we have been using in a number of our quilts. These were added to the arrangement.

The son is a of a photograph by Jaimee Ponce, which we transferred to fabric, cut out, fused and appliqued to the quilt.

As you can see from our images we endeavored to add and include a number of different forms of quilting to accentuate, highlight, and enhance the actual composition.

Son Shine will now make its home in Florida.

Oh yeah, there is a third quilt, Mother's Treasures (Q135)

Please feel free to email Andy and me at Quilts SB if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, ideas.


Jim and Andy

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