Monday, December 28, 2015

Q135 – Mother’s Treasures – Quilt

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Andy and I have completed our 135th quilt – Mother’s Treasures.

Mother's Treasures (front) - JS AB - 2015

Mother's Treasures (back) - JS AB - 2015

This is our 2nd attempt at a Raw-Edge Raggy quilt. Check out Blue Fluff (Q132)

Our approach – We started with saved and treasured clothes for the top of Mother’s Treasures with the intention that there may be a personal story and the effect of memories.

Our Mother’s Treasures is just one of these types of Raw-Edge Raggy Quilt. And yes we cut up the treasured and saved clothes.

To create each block for Mother’s Treasures a triple layer quilt sandwich was created: the top fabric, the batting, and a square of neutral-colored flannel. 80 individual block sandwiches were created.

Two sandwiches were sewn together leaving about a 1/2" outside seam. This seam is what is used to create the ragged edge. Stripes of blocks were then sewn together to create a 8 by 10 grid of squares; the top is smooth and the flannel backing has a crisscross of protruding edges.

All the protruding edges are clipped at equal distance, taking care not to cut through the joining stitch line. This creates the ragged edge.

Forget using a regular pair of scissors. We used a Rag Quilter Snip. This definitely made the job of clipping easier and with a better control.

The dimensions of Mother’s Treasures are: Width – 61” (155 cms); Length – 76 1/4” (194 cms).

Some Images of our work on Mother's Treasures

Mother’s Treasures is now at its home in Florida.

Oh yeah, there two other quilts as a part of this series, Son Shine (Q133) and Daughter Light (Q134).

Please feel free to email Andy and me at Quilts SB if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, ideas.


Jim and Andy

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