Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Q143 – New Quilt – Elation

Good Day,

Andy and I would like to introduce to you our latest and newest completed quilt, Elation.

Elation - JS AB - March 2016

Elation is our 143rd quilt and wall hanging.  It is our original design.

Elation is our expression of the wonders of nature and the wonders of color.

Andy and I decided to challenge ourselves and experiment. We are creating a new piece that all-things-being-equal is in the vicinity of 30-inches wide and 51-inches long. That computes to about 1,530 square inches.

We used our strip-piecing technique.

Our first task is to create our canvas. It is a canvas of strips of muslin; the strips are various sizes between just less than 1-inch and up to a bit more than 3-inches. In this case we are starting with 14 strips.

Once constructed a base draft of our overall design is drawn on the canvas. This provides a guideline for our initial thought processes. These may of course change during the progress of our construction.

The design is then subdivided to determine which part of the construction we will attack. We decided upon the upper right hand portion of the quilt as the first part. The first part of the design was highlighted on the canvas both in pencil and a fine tip Sharpie.

Next step, the fabric selection. I think I count 63 segments for the first part.  All solid colors we used are Robert Kaufman Kona Color Solids.

And more working images...

Then the butterflies were added...  The butterflies were cut from the Hoffman Crystalia fabric line.  Each butterfly is appliquéd. And Elation was quilted...

Elation - JS AB - March 2016
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Jim and Andy

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