Thursday, February 9, 2017

Q150 – ET20 – New Quilt

Good Day,

Today Andy and I would like to present to you our 150th quilt, ET20.

ET20 is a commemorative quilt that we created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Equality Florida organization.

ET20, specifically Equality Tampa 20, will be auctioned in support of Equality Florida at the 2017 Tampa Gala, February 25, 2017 at the T Pepin’s Hospitality Center, 4121 N. 50th Street, Tampa, Florida.

Andy and I are also designing and creating a sister quilt ES20 which will be auctioned at the 2017 St. Pete Gala in April.

The colors of ET20 are various shades of green and off-white which are representative of the Equality Florida logo.

Our draft designs of ET20 and ES20.

The dimensions of our new ET20 quilt are 70” wide by 90” long.

The quilt was created using 100% cotton. The inner top was sewn and constructed with squares and triangles which were all cut using Accuquilt’s Go! Big.  All 2-inch squares and triangles were pieced together in strips. Each strip was sewn together to create our design of cascading green squares and triangles on an off-white background. Each green strip is a diagonal pattern, based on the ET20 design.

The lettering for the Equality 20 at the bottom of the quilt was also cut using our Accuquilt Go! Big. Each individual letter was appliquéd.

Our quilting is based on the art-work of Keith Haring. We created stencils of similar characters and have quilted the complete top and all four borders with the characters. They were freehand stitched on our Janome 6300.  The quilted characters are our representation of the universal force and many persons sharing in our equality of mind and spirit.

Images of our progress –

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Jim and Andy

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