Sunday, September 24, 2017

Q154 – New Arrival – New Quilt

Good Day,

A new grand-nephew deserved a unique, simple and creative new quilt. One that he can call his own.

New Arrival
JS AB - August 2017

New Arrival is our 154th quilt. It is now at home in South Carolina.

We modified the chevron design for this special kid. And for those who are looking, there are many incidences, as well as Internet hits, for an easily adapted pattern. (Actually, there are 1,440,000 results when you search for the phrase “Chevron named baby quilt”.)

The dimensions of New Arrival are approximate, give or take 51” long and about 40” wide. The letters of the name were cut using AccuQuilt’s 3” alphabet's dies.

Our quilting design is a cross-hatch pattern between the colored chevrons and a simple echoing parallel line pattern in the large blank space.

Here are some of our images of our work and progress with New Arrival.

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