Thursday, March 29, 2018

Q157 – CQ – New Quilt – Redo

Good Day,

Today’s new quilt is Andy’s and my redo of one of our original quilts, CQ.

Pieced 2009 - Quilted 2018
Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

CQ was one of the only 2 quilts that Andy and I did which was created from a kit. IT was a part of our learning experience and from when we started our quilt journey in 2009.

We have come a distance since then.

CQ, the first attempt had remained in the closet since then and when we took it out to examine it we were astonished at the degree of immaturity in our quilting work.

It was then that we decided to redo and redesign a new quilting design.

The dimensions of our new CQ are: width 59” (150 cm) and length 76” (193 cm). The workmanship of the top was fine, but we decided to replace the binding. We did have to add some additional fabric to the backing as we did have to shore up the sandwich. In the first make, we had no clue about blocking quilts.

Our new CQ has already been spoken for and is now at its new home in Georgia.

Here are some images of our redo work and our progress.

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Jim and Andy

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