Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Q45 – Quilt - Hydra


One never knows what one may find hidden in the recesses of the old and many databases tucked away on one’s PC. I’m just amazed. Tonight I just found a picture of a quilt we designed and completed in 2000. The quilt was named Hydra and it was donated to the organization Art For Life.

Hydra was made to be a wall-hanging and from what I understand it was sold at auction and is a part of a collection. I found my specification file as well and we can approximate that the final quilt was about 76” (193 cms.) wide and 58” (147 cms.) in length. The quilt is made up of six colored fabrics: yellow; orange; red; purple; blue; and green; and it includes black and white. There are a total of 822 – 2 ½” squares; 136 – 2 ¾” triangles; and 10 mini-triangles.

As a side, I did notice one thing about the Hydra hanging. The wooden dowel used at the top of the quilt is the same dowel that I bought on that day in February when I was involved in the car accident. Funny, what’s at times hidden in an image in a folder in the recesses of one’s PC.

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Jim and Andy


ldeanz said...

I remember when you showed us this one.Very eclectic. Love the site.

Jim Smith said...

Thanks, as always. I'm so looking forward the upcoming ones.