Saturday, May 1, 2010

Q47 – Quilt – V-Bricks


Well it’s about bloody time. All of the new quilting threads spools have arrived and we got right to work putting together one of the quilt tops waiting in the wings. With a drum roll, please let us introduce you to the new addition to the C&N Series – V-Bricks.

Following on the heels of C&N (Q40), Patience (Q42), and Altered Logs II (Q46), you can see by the images in our Quilt Grid below, that there is a consistency of fabrics in the C&N Series.

The ideas for the design of V-Bricks originate from three sources. 
  • One – Some pictures of some “Utility Quilts”. The earliest example of a record that I can find of a Brick Quilt is about 1875. 
  • Two – From Kaffe Fassett’s book “Museum Quilts, Designs Inspired by the Victoria & Albert Museum”, The Taunton Press, CT, 2005 and his Bricks Patchwork design. 
  • Three – The horizontal quilting technique used by Sushma Patel Bould in her Bauhaus design. As you can see from the close-up images below we decided to run the horizontal quilting perpendicular to the bricks. The similar quilting in Patience runs parallel to the rectangles.
The dimensions of V-Bricks are: Length – 78” (198 cms) and Width – 75” (191 cms). The center image above presents V-Bricks spread out on the surface of a King-size top mattress.

Here are some close-up images of V-Bricks:

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Jim and Andy

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