Friday, May 7, 2010

Q48 – Quilt – A Mazed


We’ve been busy and A Mazed our fifth addition to the C&N Series is finished. As you can see A Mazed once again includes the similar fabrics as its four predecessors; C&N, Patience, Altered Logs II, and V-Bricks. ( All quilts of this Series have been gathered together under the above tab, C&N Series.)

This is an original design inspired by the artistry and brilliance of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss. I am always amazed and in awe of Klimt’s use of color and fabric in his paintings. And in keeping to our challenge of using as many of the same fabrics in as many as possible quilts, I thank Kaffe Fassett for the spirit of his fabric designs. There are some variations in color in the images as I have taken the photographs under various lighting conditions.

This is a fairly large quilt and the dimensions are: Width – 75 ½” (192 cms) and Length – 88 ½” (245 cms). One of the above images shows A Mazed covering the top of a King-size mattress.

Here are a number of images of the back and further close ups of A Mazed. As you should see from the quilting we have incorporated a vine-leaf pattern to the body of the quilt and a small border of stippling around the perimeter.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for Altered Logs I,

Jim and Andy

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