Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Quip - Disappearing Quilt Images



I have received written requests and calls that some people are having a problem with the images of the quilts at my blog site. The images that I am referring to are specifically the ones that I have set up in a table or grid at the bottom on my home page.

The issue is that the images in the grid/table appear and then they almost immediately disappear.

I have discovered that this seems to be only an issue at IE - Internet Explorer. It does not appear to happen in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

Believing that this is a IE security function I have performed the following. I am using the latest version of IE 8.07600.16385.

Here are the suggested steps:
  1. Go to "Tools".
  2. Go to "Internet Options".
  3. Go to "Privacy".
  4. Go to "Pop-up Blocker Settings".
  5. Add the "Address of website to allow." - http://quiltsb.blogspot.com
  6. Change "Blocking level:" to "Low: Allow pop-ups from secure sites"
  7. Apply and save.
  8. Exit from IE Browser.
  9. Reopen IE Browser.
I then went back to Quilts SB. Initially the images didn't come up. I then doubled clicked on on an empty space on the Grid. The images came up. It looks like this works.

I rebooted my system and when I opened IE and went to Quilts SB. The Grid images did not exist. I repeated where I doubled clicked on an empty space on the Grid and then the images appeared. I repeated all this on my Notebook and it seems to address the issue as far as I have described.

If any one has any idea on how to set a better fix which will automatically allow for the images in the Grid to appear, please contact me.

Hope this helps?



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