Saturday, August 28, 2010

Q60 – Christmas Quilt – Christmas Packages I


Number three quilt, Christmas Packages I of our PJs & Packages Series is completed. My apologies for taking some time getting back online. A number of our readers have been asking if we had given up making quilts. My PC was just returned from the shop, and by-the-by there is far too much fabric in this house that all needs to be made into quilts.

The idea of Christmas Packages I, as well as Christmas Packages II, is based on playing with and manipulating 3-inch and 6-inch squares. The intent was to use the PJs and Packages fabric as mentioned in My Quip.

Using my Corel X5 software I just started moving the two size squares around until graphically I came up with something that I thought may work. It does and it did. So began the construction of Christmas Packages I. And then the “Aha!” moment… The concept for Christmas Packages II came into focus. I describe Christmas Packages II more fully in my next Posting.

As you can see from the images there are only three fabrics used in Christmas Packages I; the blue PJ toy material, the beige-y Christmas plaid fabric and a sort–of cream-mottled backing. The dimensions of Christmas Packages I are: Length – 70 1/2” (179.1 cms) and Width – 58 ½” (148.6 cms). Our quilting is a simple criss-cross design of a cream/beige colored thread. The colors are of a subtle Christmas.

Here are some images of close ups and the backing. Thanks to Marie for allowing us to use her studio for the photos.

Stay tuned for Christmas Packages II and Moon Racer. Check out earlier My Quips for additional information. All fabric used in the PJs and Packages Series was obtained from

Just a quick note – we’ve begun our new series, OP Noel.

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