Thursday, December 16, 2010

Q76 – Christmas Quilt – OP Ornament


These past couple of days have been busy days, and as promised here is the last, not necessarily the final, but the last quilt of our 2010 OP Nöel Series, Op Ornament. The design for OP Ornament was inspired from a piece entitled “Hypothesis Art From Pure Mathematics” by Harvey Rayner that I stumbled upon in my search for possible optical ideas for our quilt series. His website is Root 2 ART:.

Using Harvey Rayner’s idea I sat down with my Corel Draw and Excel software and mapped out the possibility of recreating one of his visual works as a quilt. The next idea was to use as much of the remaining fabric that we had used in all of our previous quits in our OP Nöel Series. All fabric, as I previously mentioned in my postings, for this quilt and all the ones in our OP Nöel Series was obtained through

OP Ornament begins at the center of the quilt with four 9 ¼” by 9 ¾” (23.5 cms by 24.76 cms) almost-squares. The four corner squares are at about ¾” by ¾” (1.9 cms by 1.9 cms). That’s right; the four corner squares are small. They are about 0.6%, that is, less than 1%, the size of the center almost-squares. Excluding the binding and the backing, there are 960 squares and rectangles all pieced together. The dimensions of OP Ornament are: Length - 68" (172.7 cms); Width - 77½" (196.8 cms).

This quilt was a challenge for us especially as we wanted it too create some form of optical illusion while keeping to the elements of our Holiday Series.

Here are a number of more images of close ups and the backing of the quilt. (Even though the pictures were taken by the pool, it is freezing and one would develop hypothermia should they enter.)

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Check out our recently announced Christmas Quilt sale and discounts. OP Angel, as well as Isle of The Misfit Toys are at their new homes and are securely bundled and wrapped under the Christmas tree.

We have begun work on a newly commissioned quilt, which will be designed in the form of a blue Bargello quilt.


Jim and Andy

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