Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Q77 – Christmas Quilt – Hidden Treasure


Do you recollect that there are times that you may have not put out all the Christmas gifts under the tree…? And you tax your brain trying to remember; just where in the hell you secreted it away. And sometime later, all of a sudden, you discover a wrapped present hiding in some drawer or in some closet snuggled out of the way.

Well that’s what we’ve done. I was sort of tidying up the house today preparing for Saturday and thought to myself that I needed a quilt to put on display. In the Quilt-Room my eyes were immediately drawn to one tightly rolled bundle of red. Definitely a Hidden Treasure…

This quilt has not been included in our Quilt Grid, nor could I find any write up that I had prepared for a future posting on Quilts SB. It sort of just appeared. Now don’t get me wrong, I remember, and Andy remembers, making this quilt. It is a simple patchwork quilt that we cut the squares and threw them all into a bag. Next we randomly pulled out the patches and sewed them together in the order that they were pulled. And ta-da, here is our Hidden Treasure.

The dimensions of Hidden Treasure are: Length – 81” (205.7 cms) and Width – 62” (157.5 cms). The fabric and the batting is 100% cotton. The prints can be seen in other ones of our quilts. The quilting is in red thread and it is a meandering stipple stitch.

Here are a number of additional images of close ups and the backing of the quilt. (Today is the gorgeous Florida weather that I love. All the windows and sliding glass doors are open, and I'm in my bare-feet. Happy Holidays.)

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Andy and Jim

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