Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Quip – New Quilt – Our Escher I Progress

Afternoon again,

Obviously I am catching up on the work that we have been doing, and now for something completely different…

Our next quilt is in progress. Actually the top is completed. It is Our Escher I.

Using a quilt block pattern, the Arabic Lattice, which may date as far back as about 1850, we have used two 100% cotton fabrics to create a somewhat “Escher-ish” visual effect. The light brown fabric is titled Visual Arts #2247 by Ro Gregg for Northcott Silk Inc. The “eye-ball” fabric is from The Providence Collection, #28519-3 of Windham Fabrics. Both fabrics were obtained through

The pattern of Our Escher I (OEI) is a tessellation. A tessellation is a pattern made of identical shapes with two specifications. 1. The shapes must fit together without any gaps; and 2. The shapes should not overlap.

Arabic Lattice Quilt patterns were printed in the 9 January 1935 and 27 March 1935 editions of The Kansas City Star and its sister publications The Weekly Star and The Star Farmer. From The Quilt Index, one Arabic Lattice quilt example, of the Rhode Island Quilt Documentation Project, University of Rhode Island, provides a dating circa 1850.

And here are some more images of OEI taken with and without flash.

Stay-tuned for our progress. I’m now looking for a “fishy” pattern to create the quilting.

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Jim and Andy

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