Monday, April 16, 2012

My Quip - MQX Closes - And The Great International Beer Festival Moves In

Good Day,

Our first MQX, albeit quilting conference, in Providence, Rhode Island is done… and we’re back at home in Tampa, Florida. A very different and challenging experience. And for the next show we are in tune with what to expect.

Of course as we were dismantling our display, ever so slight traces of hops and suds wafted gingerly through the halls of the Providence Convention Center. On the heels of Machines Quilters’ Exhibition East 2012, a new Show and Party was moving right in… The Great International Beer Festival, America’s largest International Beer Festival. Say what? Admission price provided and allowed the unlimited sampling of more than 250 brewers.

And I keep focused on quilts…

At times, seeing the other works of quilting art and masterful composition, it was a wee bit overwhelming. And thoughts of “We’re never going to ever achieve that level of accomplishment” kept surfacing.

And at other times I felt my chest bursting with pride, when I heard and received the many number of positive compliments regarding our Evolution display. A number of our quilts received a good amount of personal commendations. Our Patience, inserted above, was one such.

Two, of many of the quilts on display that caught my eye were Fiesta Mexicana and The Ancients.

Fiesta Mexicana is a brilliant quilt. It was pieced by Karen Kay Buckley and machine quilted by Renae Haddadin.

The Ancients, pieced and machine quilted by Marilyn Pugh, is a breathtaking quilt.

And now back to our work. Stay tuned for more updates and details.




JL said...

Jim, it was a pleasure having both you and Andy there with us. Thank you for all your help and kind words.

Janet-Lee Santusanio
MQX Founder

Mary Schilke said...

Glad you were there to have Fun with us!

Jim Smith said...

Janet-Lee and Mary, Thank you ever so much. My appreciation is beyond words. Thanks. Jim