Friday, April 13, 2012

My Quip - Tremendous Time MQX - And What's a Steam Press?

Good Day and Evening,

I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying myself at MQX... I am thrilled and thoroughly astounded and appreciative at the level and caliber of organization, and the sense of fun that has and is being presented. I certainly bow with respect to both the head honchos, Janet Lee and Mary.

This being my first quilting convention show ever I would definitely recommend MQX to one and all.

Andy and I have met a number of very good teachers... and all-things-being-equal some life-time mentors. Our experience and learning will most definitely gain with our continued association. Further, we are both humbled and in awe of the positive comments voiced regarding our Evolution display.

The quilt the was announced as this years MQX East 2012 Viewers’ Choice is titled Turtle Bay.

Turtle Bay was pieced and machine quilted by Claudia Pfiel of Krefeld, Germany. Congratulations to Claudia.

And tonight at the MQX Banquet I lucked out and I won the door prize of a Steam Press Iron. Who would have thought?




Angela Walters said...

It was so nice to meet both of you! Congrats on the steam press.....lucky!!

Jim Smith said...

Thanks Angela...