Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Quip – I Really Love Lucy – The Construction Begins

Good Day,

The construction of the blocks for I Really Love Lucy is in progress. We did take a break to welcome CK’s remarkable and stupendous arrival. And he and parents are doing extremely fine and glowing. 12072012, a new number to remember.

The following is my draft design of the original configuration of the key block for our new I Really Love Lucy quilt.

The colors have been coordinated with our original piece and abstract mosaic, Who Did Desi Adore? All fabrics are of Robert Kaufman’s line of Kona Cotton solid colors. Each block is to be assembled using paper-pieced and segmented piecing.

Here is Andy’s completed 8 ½” square, unsewn.

The composition of I Really Love Lucy will be a configured design of 96 blocks.

Stay-tuned for our progress and updates.


Andy and Jim

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