Monday, July 9, 2012

Q103 – Aka Kumquat’s Lorax – A Quilt

Good Day,

Well our new quilt is forth-telling. Aka Kumquat’s Lorax is now complete… in preparation. And may we present to you, Aka Kumquat’s Lorax.


And Grandson is just about to make a grand entrance. What else can we say?

Inspired by Robert Kaufman’s recent fabric line, The Lorax by Dr. Suess Enterprises, and Denyse Schmidt's 1996 What a Bunch of Squares we have designed and constructed our Aka Kumquat’s Lorax quilt.

The dimensions of Aka Kumquat’s Lorax are: Width – 46 ¾ ” (112 cms) by Length – 58” (152 cms). (You’ll have to wait for Grandson’s.) We are using five of the fabrics from The Lorax line. And Mother and Father are doing just fine.

Check out the quilting; 278,055 stitches. We've attempted quilting in the negative space. Thanks, Angela Walters. From The Modern Quilt, "Negative space is the unoccupied area that surrounds the objects, shapes, or forms in a composition." And one of The Lorax fabrics, called "The Lorax Organic Thneed Factory", with the negative spaces quilted looks like The Lorax meets our Colored Windows. Oh and by the way, a "Thneed" is defined as "A multi-purpose object knitted from the tufts of the truffula tree." Thank you Dr. Suess.

Such a small quilt such a lot of thread... thneed.

And here are a number of other images and close-ups.


Grampa and GrAndy

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