Friday, August 31, 2012

My Quip – Test 40 - Progress

Good Day,

Progress on Test 40 continues.

Sewn, we decided that the each completed block size should approximate seven inches square. At present we are completed 120 blocks. The direction for each block will be dependent upon our overall and final design.

As Andy and I are always in a learning and discovery mode, we approach our designs from many different angles. Test 40 actually began with the thread... a new variegated thread from Aurifil. I extracted about 19 colors from the thread. After settling on seven colors, then then we discussed and examined possible styles of construction that may compliment the thread. The design of our quilt, Test 40 starts with color of the thread which will be used in the quilting.

I stumbled upon Maggie Ball's technique, published in her 2008 book Bargello Quilting with a Twist after we had decided that we would attempt a Bargello-style quilt, without restricting ourselves to a sine or cosine curve. I like the innovative way that Maggie Ball’s simple construction technique allows for the idea of design and in some way, kaleidoscopic assembly. I like the idea of optical illusions and so I have been able to create a design that may provide that effect.

As to the final quilting to highlight the thread, I am drafting a number of stylings that should compliment both the thread and the quilt design. Presently I am examining a combination of the use of flagging tape by artist Megan Geckler and the classic simplicity of the quilt work of quilt artist Yoshiko Jinzenji.

Stay tuned for our work in progress.


Jim and Andy

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