Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Quip – Quilt Progress To Date – Steamer – Too Risky To Attempt A Springboard Three-and-a-Half

Good Day,

Supper was the attempt to use a new compartmentalized steamer. Rice on the bottom, Garlic Grouper and Baby Bok Choy in the middle basket, and Pork and Corn dumplings on top. Works like a charm… Plating and taste, not bad. Word to the wise, “Don’t touch outside of metal steamer when in process.” Hot!

And I figured that my age should not be a hurdle for the next Olympics. An attempt at a double-front-somersault-with-one-and-a-half-twists off the back deck in the yard may register me only for the next scheduled paralympics competition. Thinking my body may not have been able to handle a springy three-and-a-half somersault. I can still type, after slip-and-slide, fly through the air, bounce off my butt on the stairs, slam down on my back, then smash my head, flip over, and dive into the mud. The Pack all stood with their score cards while I searched for my tri-focals. Doctor’s office; x-rays and cat scans. Oooch, that hurts.

Progress continues in our quilting world.

Who Did Desi Adore? is in the final stages of completion.

I Really Love Lucy is on The Rack, quilting is 50% done.

The blocks and strips of Test 40 are in progress. Have designed a possible and complementary quilting pattern to highlight the Aurifil thread.

Joseph’s Coat and Orange Peel Indian Summer tops are folded neatly awaiting their turns on The Rack.

Joseph’s Ladder Pants is pinned on the design board. Still working on the color progression of the sashing.

All Astro-Physics planets have been completed. Awaiting room on the design wall.

We’re still picking out our first attempt at quilting The Amulet. Have decided to change the color of the corresponding thread color for the back of the quilt.

Blumish is sitting in a pile of complete blocks on the dining room table.

Pieced work on Mauk II, Batique I, and Batique II continues.

All fabrics have arrived for our Eagle and EssbeeMod.

I have not as yet picked the fabric paint colors for Just Trees.

The following are currently in various stages of design Gunta Stölz, Rán, Civil War Re-enactment II, Hexi-Abuelita, Pocket Full of Miracles, and Gran’s Reminiscenses.

There are possibilities and confirmations of our quilts and wall hangings on display shortly in Portland, Oregon; Concorde, North Carolina; Deland, Florida; and Tampa, Florida. Stay tuned for news and updates.

And many thanks to Betsy for her write up, How Do We Get Called To The Arts? on her site, Rabbit's Moon Studio. Check it out.

And I am moving sort of slow.


Andy and Jim


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