Monday, October 29, 2012

My Quip – EssbeeCon – The Piles of Fabric Converted To Blocks – In Progress

Good Day,

Hope everyone in the Northeast is following the safety rules and common sense in the imminent approach of Hurricane Sandy. And our thoughts for precaution and safety are with those on the opposite side of the continent in wake of the nine earthquakes near Prince Rupert in the past seven days… Andy and I definitely have to get all our pending quilts done before December 21st.

Andy is doing an amazing job of piecing and sewing the template block of our design for EssbeeCon. I am enthralled with his work and the progress that I can see as it moves from PC to paper to fabric reality. All fabric has been cut for the top and for the 100 blocks.

From my image you can see a pile of completed blocks and three piles of cut fabric. The 4th pile is currently being worked on, on the sewing table.

Once all 100 blocks are completed we will be using our original EssbeeCon design to complete the final top.

Stay tuned for our progress.



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