Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Quip – EssbeeCon – A New and Original Quilt – In Progress

Good day,

Progress is underway on our new and original quilt – EssbeeCon. (Check out my first introduction on My Quip on October 12.)

All pieces have been cut from the 11 Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton solid fabrics.

Our original block is a segmented foundation pieced block. “Foundation piecing is the technique of sewing fabric to a foundation in order to achieve very precise results.” ( One can use either fabric or paper. We are using paper to create our foundation piecing. In this manner we can reproduce our block pattern and repeat exact copies. Each completed block is a 8 ½” square, including a ¼” seam allowance. For EssbeeCon we are creating 100 pieced blocks.

After trial and error, we have discovered that a technique to construct each individual pieced block is to create three major pieced parts, or segments, and then connect or piece the three segments together. Hence our construction of segmented piecing. We used a similar technique in the construction of the blocks for our recent and original quilt, I Really Love Lucy.

Above are some images of some completed blocks.

The complete design for our EssbeeCon has been designed and a draft has been accomplished. I used CorelDRAW X6 to create the block and our original design.

Stay tuned for our updates and progress.



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