Monday, October 22, 2012

My Quip – MQX West 2012 – VisTA Rainbow Challenge 2012

Good Day,

It seems that almost every quilt guild and fabric artist group enjoys dogging some sort of “Challenge”. Honestly they are not my thing… In most cases, I like to challenge myself, which of course means that that includes Andy. I’m not against Challenges, just not for me. And that is until I chanced upon the Vista Rainbow Challenge 2012 displayed at MQX West this year in Portland.

Twenty-four quilts, 16” wide and 32” long were the display… and I was more than impressed. And of course I attempted to capture the 24 quilt presentation with my iPhone panoramic camera. This worked, sort of… but I had to take two panoramic shots just to fit the visual effect of Vista’s exhibition and staging.

According to Vista “The Visionary Textile Artists (VisTA) in Tri-Cities, Washington, is truly a unique group of talented women. Each year a challenge is presented to the group that is designed to stretch their textile artistic abilities. The 2012 challenge was based on the color wheel, as depicted in Joen Wolfrom’s “Color Companion” cards. These cards feature 24 pure colors, along with a selection of tints, shades and tones, as well as monochromatic, complementary, triadic, analogous, and split-complementary color schemes.

Participants chose a color…” with a few basic and essential guidelines, and “the only requirement was that the finished art quilt had to “read” the color card selected.

This was truly a wonderful and amazing use of color and the creativity of fabric.

Here are the individual art pieces, (in 19 images), as created by the 24 members of the VisTA Rainbow Challenge.

Thank you MQX for presenting such a unique and beautiful presentation.




Jim Smith said...

Just wanted to make sure that I highlight all the VisTA quilt artists.

Karen DeMeritt, Christa Knudson and Carol Shoaf, Deb Bone-Harris and Kathy Kaser, Betty Kuhlers, Barb Steenbergen, Nancy Stansbury, Kay Hendrickson, Linda Woosley, Linda Edmiston, Cindy Sharp, Judy Evanoff, Laurel Sutton, Faye Notch, Bonnie Thompson, Sue White, Kristie Ruth Ellis and Connie Wong, Karen DeMeritt and Sue Rowell, JoAnne Reiger, Kim Sheldon, Sara Zirkle and Dana Pearson, Jan Martin, June Hansen and Elaine Gammell, Gail Ristow and Debbit Trevino, Jan Greenwell, Barb Sherrill, Carol Schneldemiller

Outstanding work.


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