Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Quip - Awe Inspiring - The Legacy of Linen

Good Day,

This week at MQX West in Portland I learned something... about the reason I have ventured into the wonderful world of quilting. The reason I have entered into the universe of fabric, and thread, the fancy of color and shade, the past and the present.

Across the aisle, in the Oregon Convention Center, from Andy's and my special exhibit Evolution, was an extremely serene, modest and what-I-thought, lack-luster display of monochromatic off-white and sort-of light beige quiet display of various sized quilts and wall hangings, The Legacy of Linen. In my mind I just thought it was another one of those "whole-cloth-type displays" that really is not my preferred cup of tea.

And was I completely wrong... and blown out of the water when I finally ventured over to the exquisite and excellent display of work by Cindy Needham, her Legacy of Linen.

In Cindy's words "My quilts have stories to tell.." And indeed each of the masterful creations and restorations just blew me away. Cindy has painstakingly, and most lovingly with deft and expertise, beyond any of my quilting and needlepoint capabilities, melded the past and the present in her exquisite restoration and presentation of that which once came before.

Cindy explains that "Each of my quilts originated from an ordinary antique linen. Most were damaged in some way with a stain, a tear or a hole... I consider this part of the charm and history of the piece..

These linens have a "presence" about them... somebody before me spent countless hours creating the beautiful embroidery, cutwork and drawn-thread work. I believe the original maker passed her work work forward to me so I could create a beautiful quilt. I feel as if I am honoring her by doing so."

And Cindy has done exactly that. I, a teacher, a banker, and an artist by claim, was just enthralled by the workmanship that Cindy has so aptly brought her pieces of rescued linen to life, and how she has breathed a new life and rekindled a new soul into each of her works of glorious art. Cindy's Legacy of Linen is amazing.

It is hard to share the actual piece of the creation and recreation of Cindy's work and of the linen and lace of the expert but dainty handiwork of long past by capturing each with my iPhone camera. But the experience is a melding of the past and the present, and I present to you a number of images of Cindy Needham's The Legacy of Linen.

Thank you Cindy for opening my eyes and teaching me. Thank you Janet Lee and Mary for presenting Cindy's Legacy of Linen at MQX.



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KevinB said...

Jim, I'm taking her quilting class on Craftsy (Design It, Quilt It). she showed the quilts in the videos and how she did it. Amazing work!