Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Quip - One Quilt Picture is Worth A Thousand Pieces of Fabric

Good Day,

An amazing new, sort-of, function with my iPhone is the capability of taking panoramic pictures... And I am using my iPhone 4s.

The Great Bargello Project, presented as a special exhibit at MQX West, in Portland, is the construction of eight quilts by four Ohio friends from a pile of 464 two-inch strips and strip sets at 174 inches long. Tremendous colors and and awe-inspiring. Amazing work - Anna Fricker, Susan Hill, Chris Landis, and Mary Miller.

And I wanted to capture the complete effect of the display of The Great Bargello Project. The panoramic picture function of the iPhone, I think does exactly that.

Here is The Great Bargello Project in eight images... and a secret onlooker.

I really like Bargello...



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